DEWA Approved Electrical Services in Dubai

Nathan Star is a well-known electrical service provider in the region. The key to our success is that we are a DEWA-approved contractor and have worked on the most prominent projects across the UAE. We offer you DEWA-approved electrical services in Dubai and cater to both residential and commercial projects. We have built a solid reputation through our quality of services and are familiar with the requirements of DEWA approvals.

Nathan Star is a DEWA-approved electrical contractor. We take care of your electrical systems be it installations, replacements, upgrades, modifications, repairs, etc. Also, we assist developers and fulfil the schedules promptly as DEWA approved substation contractors. Moreover, we meet every specification and strive to deliver before deadlines for every project is equally important to us.

Every electrical system requires DEWA approvals in Dubai. We at Nathan Star help you get DEWA approvals in no time! Be it getting a NOC for the building or electricity connection we can help you. We deliver DEWA approvals also for electrical load schedule, power load upgrade, construction power supply, temporary power supply, DEWA KWH meter installation, etc. Moreover, we also aid with DEWA approvals for fit-out applications and get circuit design approval swiftly.

DEWA Approvals

For electrical installations you need a DEWA approved electrical contractor that you can trust. Our experts have years of involvement in getting DEWA approvals and are ready to assist with your projects. At Nathan Star, we offer DEWA approved professional electrical installations that ensure highest of standards. We also help you through EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). Nathan Star’s electricians hold a series of inspections to avoid any downtime. Our DEWA approved consultant also offers a speedy, specialized and problem-solving solutions for the electrical installations.

Electric Installation

The DEWA consultant and contractors at Nathan Star offer fit-out connections for electrical systems in the shells provided. We offer fit-out connections for residential, commercials, and offices. We also help you get DEWA approvals for electricity fit-out connections. Be it acquiring a DEWA NOC for supplementary power load or getting a DEWA approval for fit-out office merging – we can help you! Speak to our DEWA approved electrical contractors to discuss your projects related to fitout power connection for your commercial space.

Electricity Fitout Connections

At Nathan Star, our DEWA approved engineers and professionals thoroughly understand the DEWA approval process. We are familiar with the Government protocols and the guidelines for electrical designs followed by DEWA. Furthermore, our DEWA approved electrical engineers also have worked on various iconic projects in Dubai. They have prepared, assisted and executed the electrical designs and have got DEWA approvals almost instantly.

DEWA Approved Electrical Designs

Worried about the irregular power loads and overconsuming electrical systems? Irregularities in your electrical systems is not just bad for your working environment but is also dangerous. At Nathan Star we analyse your electrical systems and create profile on the power load depending on your usage and installations. Our in-house DEWA consultant and contractors conduct Electrical Load Survey as per DEWA standards.

Electrical Load Survey

When you are planning an entire project and are at an initial phase of construction heavy duty electricity is required. At Nathan Star we help you get power supply during construction and upgrade subsequently from testing to commissioning the entire project. We also make modification and upgrades to the facility as and when required. Our DEWA approved substation contractors, engineers and consultants analyse the stages of the project and make recommendations for your future power distribution needs.

Construction Electricity

Annual electrical maintenance services can be very helpful in the long run. Electrical equipment and power supply in structures must be regular inspected to eliminate errors. Timely maintenance and fixing faults at an early stage can save costs related to repairs and replacements. So, if you want to get an annual maintenance contract for your electrical services in Dubai – Nathan Star can maintain your electrical systems easily. Our DEWA approved engineers and electricians do regular inspections and ensure complete maintenance.

Annual Electrical Maintenance

Electrical repairs and replacements can be hazards if not done properly. Also, in Dubai it is extremely essential to get DEWA approvals for your electrical systems. Hence, it is important that you repair or replace the electrical systems appropriately. At Nathan Star – our DEWA approved consultants, contractors, engineers and electricians are veterans of the industry. We use pioneering tools and methods to Fix Your Electricity Issues with utmost efficiency. Our team is skilled and can provide diverse electrical services including repairs and replacements of electrical units.

Electrical Repairs & Replacements

Be it appliances at a residential premise or industrial gadgets in a factory – electrical systems can easily get overload! With Nathan Star you can prevent loading issues by upgrading your electrical panels, fuse or even circuit boards. Our DEWA approved electrical contractor also offer upgrades on electrical outlets and receptacle through rewiring or rerouting. Call us to upgrade your dated fuse box or fix your electrical problem now! We upgrade your electrical systems in a way so that you can also supply power to new or changed expanses anytime.

Electrical Upgrades

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